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FOF JamsBy the time you read this, Fruits of Fulflood will once again be in full swing happily diverting some of Fulflood’s unwanted fruit and veg from the compost heap. That can only mean one thing : time to make jam!

Three years ago in a particularly glut year, we noticed lots of apples were being left to rot on trees, ultimately dropping off and being wasted. Surely they could be put to better use? Out of this Fruits of Fulflood was born. Produce that would otherwise lie in gardens and on pavements is cooked up into delicious home-made jam, jelly and chutney. Now in its fourth year the project has saved well over a tonne of crab apples, apples, grapes, quince, rhubarb, plum, blackcurrant, gooseberry, redcurrant, raspberry, damson, japonica quince and even marrows and runner beans.

Some of the produce is good enough to be eaten so is donated whole to the Basics Bank and the Nightshelter and the rest processed into at least 12 different flavoured jams, juices and jellies. We also make some very popular chutneys. Last year we even made an experimental batch of marmalade with the St Paul’s Christingle oranges – if you would like to try a free jar do get in touch!

So far over 290 jars have been produced and sold at local autumn and Christmas fairs or direct to you, with all proceeds donated to local charities – Last year over £650 was raised and shared between Winchester Churches Nightshelter and the Southampton and Winchester Visitors Group.

In an effort to support some of the more unusual flavours that go into the recipes we planted a long fruiting hedgerow at Western Primary School, provided by the Tree Council. In a year or two we should have a regular supply of elderflower, rose hips, sloes and mirabelle plum. We would like to plant more fruit trees and bushes in and around Fulflood – if you know of a suitable public space to plant a small bush or even a tree do let us know.

This year we are also planning our first Fulflood Apple Day in October, celebrating all things appley. The idea is to encourage you to bring along your own apples and juice them, or together we could try to make our first batch of Fulflood cider! Date and venue to be confirmed when we have a better idea of how good the apple harvest will be.

During the fruit season (June to November) all offers of help are gratefully accepted – there are lots of different ways to join in the fun :

  • Donate your surplus fruit – we will come and pick it or collect it from you
  • Come pick fruit one afternoon – we tend to spend a couple of hours a week picking during the autumn
  • Join us for an afternoon of jam-making – usually a Sunday afternoon
  • Send us your favourite jam or chutney recipe to try
  • Donate your prettiest jam jars to be re-used
  • Buy our jam!

All events will be advertised on the Greening Fulflood website where you can sign up for the newsletter or email fof@greeningfulflood.org.uk directly.

Giles Gooding


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  1. 12 jars of Fruits of Fulflood jam and jelly was sold at the Hampshire Open Studios (20th-29th August 2016) and, together with the sale of some teas, a total of £45 has this week been sent to the Winchester Churches Nightshelter.

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