Every year is different

The joy of Fruits of Fulflood is that each season is different from the last. The prolonged heat this year has been good for some (tomatoes, quinces, currants, early blackberries) but not for others (rhubarb, eating apples, raspberries).

A Bumper Crop of Tomatoes..
We have had the most wonderful crop of tomatoes both at home and at the allotment. One self-seeded plant became a monster tomato plant and produced over 10kgs of tomatoes. We still have one large bowl of ripening tomatoes in the kitchen.

So inevitably with such a harvest there have also been a number of green tomatoes to make lovely Green Tomato Chutney.

..and beautiful Quinces
We have been very lucky to be given a large number of absolutely beautiful, fragrant and ENORMOUS quinces. The largest were 400g. With these we made Paradise Chutney – beautiful pink chutney with quince and cranberries; and┬áMembrillo – quince cheese, traditional in Spain and Portugal. A Portuguese customer at the Harvest Festival in October pronounced our membrillo as good as his grandmother’s – praise indeed!

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