10 July 2011

Below is a list of all the houses involved in the Open Greenhouse and what they had to offer. Click on the address for full details and the homeowners opinions whether positive or negative. See the map at the end for the location of the houses.

A) 163 Greenhill Road

Solar thermal hot water.

B) 11 Fordington Avenue

Insulation: Loft, walls, floors; Double Glazing – Wood; Wood-burning stoves; Thermostatic radiator valves; LED downlighters; 2&4 ltr dual-flush WCs; OWL electricity meter; Freecycle; Composting; Water butt; Grey water system

D) 55 Fairfield Road

Double-glazed wooden sash windows Secondary plastic film window glazing Insulation: Underfloor, cavity-wall & roof Thermostatic radiator values CF spotlights and lightbulbs LED track spotlight Eco standby switches A double cat door Composting/Water butts Folding bikes for storage/trains

E) 11 West End Terrace

Renovated sash windows with secondary glazing. Roof and floor insulation. Wood-burning stove. Eco Switches

G) 5 Byron Avenue

Photovoltaic electric cells; Rainwater collection; Grey Water System

H) 26 Fordington Avenue

Solar hot water panels; Double-glazed windows; Insulation: Underfloor, cavity-wall & roof; Multi-fuel stove; Indoor/outdoor energy saving lights; Energy efficient front door; Condensing Boiler; Thermostatic Radiator Valves; Composter/Water Butts

I) 4 Beck’s Mews

LED Lighting; Grey Water System; Pressure Testing; Well insulated all round house

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